Mannok Aircrete Standard Blocks

Mannok 100mm x 215mm x 440mm 5.2N Block B5

Mannok Aircrete Standard block combines optimum levels of thermal performance, strength and density to make it suitable for almost all on site applications, including party wall construction.

Fire Resistance

Mannok thermal blocks provide excellent fire protection in both load bearing and non load bearing applications. They are classed as non- combustible and have a Class 0 resistance to surface spread of flame and category A1 in accordance with BS EN 13501-1.


Mannok Aircrete Standard Blocks have a density of 650kg/m3 and so are suitable for use in party wall construction.



  • Gross Dry Density: (Kg/m3) 650
  • Mean Compressive Strength (N/mm2): 5.2
  • Thermal Conductivity (W/mK): 0.17
  • Dimensional Tolerance in GPLM: D1
  • Dimensional stability/moisture movement (mm/m): <0.4
  • Thermal Resistance (m2K/W): 0.59
  • No. Block per pack: 72
  • Approx blocks per m2: 10
  • Wall area per pack (m2): 7.30
  • Approx Block Wt. @ 3% moisture (Kg): 6.33
  • Approx Wt. of wall per m2 (Kg): 63


  • Walls
  • Columns
  • Partitions

Product Type

  • Regular shaped solid masonry unit
  • Category 1 masonry unit in accordance with EN 771-4


  • British Board of Agrement – certificate no: 11/4869
  • EC certificate of Factory Production Control – 0050-CPR-0971
  • Environmental Management system to ISO 14001:2004 – Certificate no: EMS 552208

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